We qualify you for our Rent 2 Own Program. Must have 3%-5% Non-Refundable Option Fee , and meet other requirements.


Enroll in a 3rd party Credit Repair Service.


Lease home for up to 2 years until you are able to obtain financing to execute your option to buy the home.

​​​Rent 2 Own Program

We understand that bad things happen to good people. Regardless of the reason that has kept you, or is keeping you from your dream home, whether it be medical issues, layoffs, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, liens, etc. JERODZ REI, LLC can help.

We've introduced our Rent 2 Own Program that allows us to help virtually anyone become a homeowner. The Program utilizes a Lease with an Option to Buy a selected home. 

Here are the steps:

Let us help you overcome the hurdles you are facing and help you toward your goal of owning a home.

Fill out the short form below to get started. We will be contacting you soon. Thanks.


Apply for Owner Financing Program first. If you do not qualify. Proceed to step 2.