Get pre-qualified for our Owner Financed Program. Must have 10% - 20% down payment. Self -Employed is okay. Foreign national is okay. No application fees.


One of our preferred Realtors is assigned to you. They will assist you in finding the home you love and is accepted into our program.

Owner Financing Program

Due to current economic uncertainties, a growing number of banks have raised their borrowing standards on home loans, which includes higher minimum credit scores. Some as high as a minimum credit score of 700. Some banks are even choosing to stop mortgage and home equity loans altogether. The housing market is going take another hit. So, where does that leave those who still have jobs and were already planning to buy a home before the Covid 19 Pandemic hit? It leaves them needing a solution to their problem, and fortunately, we have a solution.

Our Owner Financing, also known as seller financing, Program is the solution. You get into your dream home without the big bank hassles.

Here are the steps:


Once you have been pre-qualified for acceptance into our program, we will either sell you a home we have in inventory, or we may buy the one you want and resell it to you. You select the city and neighborhoods you would like to live in, and one of our preferred Realtors will assist you to find your affordable dream home. Some homes may be under construction and you may be able to select colors of paints and carpets. No matter what, every home must be in move-in ready condition before going to closing. Closings may only be a few days out, once we have identified and accepted a home into our program. Then finally, you will own your dream home.

Fill out the short form below to get started. We will be contacting you soon. Thanks.


We buy the home and resell it to you.


Pay non-refundable 2% of approved financed amount for program fee. This fee will be credited towards your down payment at closing.